COVID-19 Notice

The TWM Publications 2020 trial examinations are being updated to reflect changes made to the VCE study designs for 2020. The delivery date for these examinations has been revised to September 11. Orders for past trial examinations are not affected.

TWM Publications is proud to offer Victorian teachers a selection of high-quality trial examinations for another year.

Our trial exams are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the current study designs. Questions are written with the goal of encouraging students to apply their academic knowledge creatively and rigorously.

In our effort to create a student experience which closely imitates the end-of-year examinations, we place particular emphasis on formatting our products to be as similar to VCAA material as possible.

Teachers are invited to browse our free trial examinations, which we hope will demonstrate the quality of our work.

All trial exams come with fully worked solutions and a marking guide.

Subjects Offered

Mathematical Methods Units 3&4
Specialist Mathematics Units 3&4
Physics Units 3&4
Chemistry Units 3&4

If your school uses a designated form for all orders, please email your order to and we will happily process it provided all the required information is included.